Organizers 2019

You can contact all organizers together by sending email to europeanharmonybrigade@googlegroups.com

Core Organizing Team

If you'd like to be part of the EHB team, please get in touch! We're always looking for helpers.

EHB Ambassadors

A number of different countries have EHB Ambassadors. If you live in one of these countries, please feel free to contact your Ambassador for any information about the EHB.

  • Benn Boehme EHB Ambassador to Germany barbershop at gmx dot com
  • Lindley Gram EHB Ambassador to UK lindley dot gram at hotmail dot com
  • Marjolaine Pfaffinger EHB Ambassador to France marjolaine at vorhanden dot de
  • Scot Brennecke EHB Ambassador to the US ScotB at mvps dot org
  • Simone Knoop EHB Ambassador to Scandinavia


The EHB is an independent event, organized under the auspices of BinG! Barbershop in Germany e.V. We are deeply grateful for the organizational and legal advice and support the BinG! board has given us. The EHB would further like to express their heartfelt thanks to the following individuals and organizations, without whose support the EHB would not have been possible: The Association of Extreme Quartetting Harmony Brigades for supporting fledgling Brigades like us; especially to John Loucks, Neal Siegal, and Larry Triplett